Astrology: The Magic Mirror by Katharine Merlin

chapter excerpt

Some people seem to be born lucky. They arrive wherever they’re going at the very moment when all the elements are in place to work in their favor. Maybe this really is an example of “good karma,” or maybe they have an inborn sense of timing, a strong survival instinct and an ability to be tuned it. Luck, in astrological terms is mostly equated with the planet Jupiter, although Venus may also play a part in the equation. And Jupiter and Venus do show up when fortunate things happen. They are known as “the benefics.”

Emmanuel Macron, (France’s …. President) for instance, was born with an exalted Jupiter which is astrologically in contact with his Sun, Mercury and Venus. The benefics ( dominate his chart and he has been very lucky in achieving the exalted post of president of France at the youngest age of anyone to assume this mantle. He was supported and helped by a crowd of people, who overlooked his various shortcomings because he was the perfect person to do the job that needed to be done. He was in the right place at the right time.

What he will do with his luck is an open question. But he is a person who for whatever reason seems to have struck a good deal with the god of fortune. Possibly he was a particularly upstanding person in a former life, or perhaps he inherited superior genes. Whatever the reason for his enjoying his particular fate, the fact is that it shows up in his astrological pattern. Any astrologer who examined it would see this luck shining out. He also possesses some other qualities which are not as positive, but the factor of good fortune is quite evident.

When it comes to the question of being born “lucky” it seems that the development of qualities other than being a “good” person are involved. In fact, it really appears that learning how to use each specific energy that we’re born with skillfully and well is the purpose that we’re all here to fulfill. And Macron uses Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in a highly effective way. He knows how to play the odds. For this reason, he’s enjoyed some very good fortune, but he seems to have quite a way to go, to being a truly discerning person and a reliable leader.

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Katharine, or “Kate” as she is known, is the author of both The Private Lives of the Sun Signs (Glitterati Incorporated, 2015) and Character and Fate, the Psychology of the Birth Chart, (PenguinArkana 1989). Astrology columnist for Town & Country magazine since 1989.

Literary agent and independent publisher specializing in spiritual self-help non-fiction. Goal: To make a difference in the world one book at a time.

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